Programming Atmega328 with Pascal: yes, it’s possible

Back in my programming days, in the 90s, I started with Turbo Pascal and later switched to the now legendary Borland Pascal with Objects. So, when I’ve got my hands on Arduino, I searched for some Pascal IDE for it but found only some half-finished-and-already-dead open-source project. Not a big deal, as C++ is generally considered to be better, and Pascal is sooo old and all that.

Imagine my surprise when I found Pascal (and even BASIC) links on the STM site! Yep, a company called Mikroelectronica actually develops and supports Pascal IDEs and compilers for all the modern microcontrollers, good old Atmega328 included!

Oh, so wow!

And meh.

Seems like my Pascal got very rusty. Still, it’s fun to play around with. The free versions have a very restrictive code size limitations, but it’s enough to fiddle with the Blink and get back to serious stuff.

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