Hi there!

My name is Dmitry Reznikov, and I'm the author of the UltiBlink project.

I started my professional career with a programmer certificate earned at the end of the high school in 1992, went on to study journalism at the Moscow University and, while there, became a member of the Moscow Artists Union as a graphic artist. I worked as a programmer at the Tretyakov Gallery for some years, I participated in exhibitions, both locally and abroad, but my main trade is IT journalism. I edited such magazines as MegaGame, Official PlayStation RU, and Official Windows RU, as well as some local ones with Cyrillic names. Nowadays, with the decline of the printed media, I had to drift towards marketing and PR, which saddens me a lot. But, being saddened, and bored with all the copyediting, and seeking something interesting to do, I stumbled upon the wonderful world of microcontrollers.

This world made it possible for me to actually weld my professions together. I can design and create objects with lots of colorful LEDs, program the microcontrollers, and write articles about the whole shebang!

What can be better?

Well, just one thing: I want some company of likely minded people. I know you are out here somewhere, the people who want to create LED stuff, but are actually as frustrated as I was a couple of years ago. When I was just starting, I actually sought some ready solutions for what I had in mind. Sadly, the electronics engineering world, while wonderful, is pretty hard on a novice. Arduino is an excellent novice platform, but there is a huge dark gap between it and the ‘serious’ electronics. If you’re not satisfied with the idea of ‘modules’ and ‘shields’, you’re pretty much on your own. And so I ended up reading datasheets, learning electronics and finally designing my own boards that are capable of doing exactly what I need.

Now I want to share this stuff. And, obviously, make the strain of my hobby on my wallet a bit lighter (yeah, I know, that's two things).

If you’re into the LEDs as I am, we can be in it together.

Feel free to contact me:

by email indraputra@yandex.ru or dmitry@ultiblink.com

by Skype Ontaelio

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