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BlinkeyBlinkey & Core

The BlinkeyBlinkey is a pokerchip-sized board capable of driving 10 RGB LEDs situated around its rim. These boards were designed to be stackable on top of each other to make 3D lighting contraptions. The BlinkeyCore board is an Arduino-compatible board in the same pokerchip format that can serve as a base for your BlinkeyBlinkeys column – or as a neat round generic Arduino with the five standard LED driver outputs, as well as all the Arduino pins, present.

RGB Clock

As the name implies, the RGB Clock board was designed as a base for one of my clocks. In fact, though, it is a 5x3 RGB display capable of displaying colorful digits and letters, as well as nice animations. The board is Arduino-compatible with all the pins present, sports a real-time clock chip, a battery compartment, two buttons and even a small prototyping area. A truncated version of the ASCII table is loaded into the EEPROM memory, the sketch and instructions on its use are provided. The board can host both SMD and thru-hole RGB LEDs (including 10mm ones!).