Drive 5 RGB LED strips easily!



This board was actually one of the first ones I designed, following the experimentation with Arduino-driven LED strips, just before the new trend of the addressable RGB LED strips bloomed. It can control up to five standard RGB LED strips, up to 5 meters/300 LEDs per output (for longer strips use amplifiers with their own power supplies)*. The controller is Atmega328p, the LED driver is 12-bit DM633, the board is Arduino-compatible, thus can be programmed in Arduino IDE. It has two programming interfaces: ISP and UART (bootloader pre-installed). You will need a hardware programmer for any of this interfaces; any Arduino can serve as one for the ISP.

All unused Arduino pins are broken out, with some additions for convenience. There are pins intended for the IR receiver (I generally control such contraptions with a TV remote), 1-wire interface with 4.7K pull-up resistor, anotherĀ  10k pull-up for a photo resistor, grouped pins for two pushbuttons.

Just get a standard RGB strip with supplied 6A power unit, cut it into 5 meter-long pieces and connect these pieces and the power unit to the UltiStrip. The pre-installed demo will kick in, and you can move on from there.

(*)If used with more than 300 LEDs in total, make sure to provide some heat-sink arrangement for the master MOSFET.

Normal price: $19.00 + shipping

Sale price: $17.00 + FREE shipping!


Microcontroller Atmel ATmega328p @ 16MHz
LED controller 1 x DM633
Operating voltage 9-15 V
Programming voltage 5 V
Max current per LED output 2.5 A
Max total current 33 A
Available digital outputs 12 (see manual)
Available analog outputs 8 (see manual)
Programming interfaces ISP
UART (bootloader pre-installed)
Dimensions 58 x 35 mm


The board is supplied as a kit byt default. The kit includes the board itself with soldered SMD components and a bunch of thru-hole pieces (MOSFET, male pin headers and power terminal) to be soldered by yourself.
There are additional options you can select at extra cost:

Fully soldered board with RGB LED strip connectors add $5.00
Female pin headers (Arduino Uno style) add $0.50
Female ISP header (useful if programmed using Arduino) add $0.50
5.5/2.5 power supply jack instead of a terminal add $0.50

The options can be combined in any way possible, please contact me with your express wishes.


The generic library for Arduino IDE can be found here: https://github.com/Ontaelio/DMdriver.
A specialized library is currently work-in-progress, expect an additional link here soon.